I can’t believe it’s Sunday again! And January is almost gone as well.  My how time does fly.

What I finished this past week: The Jealous Kind by James Lee Burke (reviewed in post preceding this one) and Textbook by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, described as “not exactly a memoir”(will be reviewed this week)

Continuing to read:  Freeks by Amanda Hocking

Peeked into and read a chapter or two: Just One Damned Thing After Another, the first book in the “Chronicles of St. Mary’s” series by Jodi Taylor, The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahri, and Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein, all of which I want to finish, for sure.

What I watched: One episode of “Bull,” Two new season episodes of “This is Us” and a couple of “To Tell the Truths”.

School is well underway and clicking right along. The Reading Improvement class for kids will be at it’s midway point this coming Wednesday, and I will have to decide whether to offer it again in March and April or to wait and offer it this summer, which I’m sure will happen.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

PWR (Powerful Women Readers, our on-line book group) meets here  a week from today, and we will discuss the three assigned books (Members are asked to read one of the three.), Fannie Flagg’s The Whole Town’s Talking, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, or local writer, Leon Hale’s Paper Hero.  I have read two of the three and am hoping someone will bring a copy of Fannie Flagg to loan Sunday. There will be a door prize from a local boutique. Contact Rae if you can help with the refreshments.

And, as Porky Pig always said, “That’s All Folks!”


Author: Rae Longest

This year marks my fiftieth year in AAUW (American Association of University Women). The Alvin chapter was begun in 1947, and as a new, green teacher to Alvin Independent School District, I joined in 1968. In the 80's we began a book group to share our love of reading, books,and fellowship with other women and girls who loved the same. We resurrected the group on-line in September of 2015. Eventually Powerful Women Readers folded as an on-line book club, but I kept the title and turned it into a blog. (See "Introduction,"first blog). This is my first experience at blogging or publishing anything and is becomes more fun with each blog posted. I am currently teaching as an adjunct at The University of Houston Clear Lake. This makes my 28th year there after three years at Alvin Community College and an almost-twenty year career as a classroom teacher with Alvin Independent School District. Reading and writing are "in my blood" just like teaching is. I hope you enjoy the blog.

6 thoughts on “SUNDAY (EVENING) POST”

  1. I’m still absolutely agog at your ability to read a variety of books cheek by jowl! But then I think I’m the ultimate monotasker… I’m delighted that you think the Jodi Taylor offering will suit – I thought it’s sheer quirkiness would appeal, but it’s always something of a risk to jump up and down and implore ‘Read this!’ so someone you like and respect in the hope they, too, will ‘get it’. Glad the teaching is going smoothly – there does come a time in the term when the momentum gathers and so long as you’ve done the prep and lesson planning, it does roll forward, doesn’t it?

    Hope your PWR (love the name!) meeting goes well and that you have a great week:).x

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. I read aloud the beginning of Just One Damned Thing After the Other to my Better Half, and he wants to read it too. “Quirkiness” is the exact word to describe the novel so far. I’m so glad I read about it in your post! Have a great week.

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    1. Since I read it all the way back in the 70’s, I am a bit vague on it. I plan to skim it again before Sunday because the focus for our discussion will be on how many things in it (especially about the oppressive government in the book) have come true today. It ought to be a lively discussion. Thanks for your interest; it has given me the idea to sum up the “takes” on the books in the next day’s Monday Morning Musings. Thanks for the good idea!


      1. Oh I see. I’m interested because my friend read the book for school, and I was wondering whether I should check it out. Hmm I’m sure there’s plenty to talk about. Sounds good. No problem!

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