In going through old files, something I can do sitting down, I came across these thoughts from a group of sixth graders responding to the prompt, “If I could travel in time…”

I would explore the land of the dinosaurs.

I’d go back to Camelot.  I’d ride a unicorn.

I’d go back to Medieval times and go on adventures.

I’d go back to the Civil War.

I’d like to meet “Blood and Guts” Patton

I would go far back and meet my great, great, great grandparents.

I’d go back and see my great grandmother who was full-blooded Indian.

I would see what my mom and dad were like in school.


I’d go into the future and see what my life would be.

I’d fly a spaceship.

I would look at all the strange suits and costumes.

I’d see what my kids would look like.

I would go back and invent stuff that would happen in the future.

I’d go into the future and SALUTE the past!


I would change the world so that there would be eternal life forever.

I would have Jesus shake my hand.

I would reach back and shake hands with God.


Language Arts Blocks; Disney Elementary; Alvin, Texas, 19884


Author: Rae Longest

This year, I will have been a member of AAUW (American Association of University Women) for fifty years, a life time member (which means my fellow AAUW members will begin to pay my annual dues. (ha ha) In the 80's we began a book group to share our love of reading, books,and fellowship with other women and girls who loved the same. We resurrected the group on-line in September of 2015 and went on from there (See "Introduction",first blog). This is my first experience at blogging or publishing anything and is becomes more fun with each blog posted. I am currently teaching as an adjunct at The University of Houston Clear Lake. This makes my 27th year there after three years at Alvin Community College and an almost-twenty year career as a classroom teacher with Alvin Independent School District. Reading and writing are "in my blood" just like teaching is. I hope you enjoy the blog.

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