This meme was originated/hosted by the Purple Booker, and first came to my attention as I followed my good blogging friend on Brainfluff.  Both are blogs worth checking out. LET’S GET SOME PARTICIPATION HERE!

Find a couple sentences from what you are currently reading to tease others into wanting to read the same book.  Scroll down and in the comments/reply box type in the “teaser”, being sure to give the book and the author as well.  Please no surprise endings or “spoilers.”

Here is mine for this week:

From The Address by Fiona Davis, a second time novelist, lifelong journalist and friend whose debut novel was The Dollhouse a mystery about the Barbizon hotel in New Work. (see previous review/type the title into the blog search box). This second novel is set at The Dakota, the building where John Lennon of the Beatles was shot.  Both novels alternate chapters from the New York buildings’ pasts with current or recent scenes where one of the characters discovers and writes about a mystery in the buildings’ pasts.  Both novels are well researched and are fascinating reads that will keep you turning pages.

It comes out August first this year, and I have a signed, advance copy brought to me by good friend and fellow blogger, Debbie Nance of Readerbuzz.

Teaser: Two cousins, one who has recently lost her job, meet at the Cafe Luxembourg in New York. Bailey, the one just fired is meeting Melinda, the “successful,” beautiful, talented cousin.

“…Melinda wasn’t here yet, so Bailey took a booth seat where she had a good view of the door. It wasn’t long before Melinda swept in wearing a jump suit with enormous shoulder pads, her blonde hair in perfect swirls down her back, as if she walked in a bubble that protected her from the humidity…she threw the Barney’s bag she was carrying on the floor and held out her arms.”

“Cousin!” [Here was Melinda, Bailey’s] “last hope.”

Please feel free to tease me into adding yet another book to my TBR list and shelf!




Author: Rae Longest

This year marks my fiftieth year in AAUW (American Association of University Women). The Alvin chapter was begun in 1947, and as a new, green teacher to Alvin Independent School District, I joined in 1968. In the 80's we began a book group to share our love of reading, books,and fellowship with other women and girls who loved the same. We resurrected the group on-line in September of 2015. Eventually Powerful Women Readers folded as an on-line book club, but I kept the title and turned it into a blog. (See "Introduction,"first blog). This is my first experience at blogging or publishing anything and is becomes more fun with each blog posted. I am currently teaching as an adjunct at The University of Houston Clear Lake. This makes my 28th year there after three years at Alvin Community College and an almost-twenty year career as a classroom teacher with Alvin Independent School District. Reading and writing are "in my blood" just like teaching is. I hope you enjoy the blog.

11 thoughts on “TUESDAY TEASER”

  1. Thank you for the namecheck, Rae. I hope all is going well – I’m thinking of you and offering up a prayer for your success:). This one sounds intriguing – well researched history is a joy when presented within a strong story. I hope you are thoroughly enjoying it.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. First class today was fun for me and I think fun for the students as well. Any doubts I had about teaching freshmen (at least in summer school) were erased by their freshness and enthusiasm. It was a lovely experience. I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.


  2. Mine at UHCL did last semester, and due to “popular demand,” I will require it again this semester. They can earn 20% of their grade an easy A just by posting when asked and commenting on each others’ posts. We only had three groups last semester, sports, movies, and pop psychology. This fall I will have smaller groups, thus more groups. It is fun for them and fun for me too.


    1. Blogging is such an authentic writing experience. I wonder what would happen if we tried it at my primary school. I know we want to try this year to have children create and publish some books.

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      1. Some children would be good at it and really enjoy it. Others would do poorly and be unmotivated to participate. This is based on my experiences with “big children” who are juniors and seniors in college.


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