First Line Fridays is an interesting meme hosted by Hoarding Books. In it, one takes the next book one intends to read or the one just started and writes the first line (or so). You too can participate just put your first line in the comments section below. Be sure to include the book’s title and author.  Here’s my current first line from The Fifth Season, Book One of the Broken Earth series by N.K. Jemisin:

“Let’s start with the end of the world, why don’t we? Get it over with and move on to more interesting things.”

Even if you get this after Friday, please play along.


Author: Rae Longest

This year marks my fiftieth year in AAUW (American Association of University Women). The Alvin chapter was begun in 1947, and as a new, green teacher to Alvin Independent School District, I joined in 1968. In the 80's we began a book group to share our love of reading, books,and fellowship with other women and girls who loved the same. We resurrected the group on-line in September of 2015. Eventually Powerful Women Readers folded as an on-line book club, but I kept the title and turned it into a blog. (See "Introduction,"first blog). This is my first experience at blogging or publishing anything and is becomes more fun with each blog posted. I have just completed 30 years of teaching as an adjunct at The University of Houston Clear Lake. This is after three years at Alvin Community College and an almost-twenty year career as a classroom teacher with Alvin Independent School District, adding up to a total of teaching 50 years in all. Reading and writing are "in my blood" just like teaching is. I hope you enjoy the blog.

7 thoughts on “FRIDAY FIRSTLINERS”

  1. That is definitely a hook if I do say so myself. Glad you are liking that series.

    I didn’t get a chance to post my first line Friday today, but it would have been: “Jesus, lay off the carbs!” my friend Ariel mutters angrily from below. Her hands are on my butt as she grunts and struggles to help push me up into the window I left open before heading out earlier tonight.

    This is from In Bed With the Beast by Tara Sivec, second book in the Naughty Princess Club series.

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  2. Nicholas Young slumped into the nearest seat in the hotel lobby, drained from the sixteen hour flight from Singapore, the train ride from Heathrow Airport, and trudging through the rain soaked streets.

    Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

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