I enjoyed reading Sarah at Brainfluff’s “Sunday Post” so much for so many years that several years back, I added my own Sunday Post, but named it “Sunday (Evening) Post because I never could seem to get to it until Sunday night and in honor of the old magazine, The Saturday Evening Post. It is my attempt to catch readers up on what I am reading now, what I have finished, and what I have just begun. I am a reader who reads multiple books at a time, often switching books for variety and because I have books stashed in different rooms of the house and in the car for times of “unavoidable delay.”

What I am reading now

I am still continuing Americanah by Ngozi Adichie on my laptop’s Kindle. My problem with finishing it is I forget it’s “on there.”

I recently started and am now on chapter twenty-three of The Rosie Result by Graeme Simison, the final book in his Don Tillman Trilogy. It is as warm and funny as the first book, The Rosie Project, and even better than the second, The Rosie Effect. The entire series is one I often recommend to people who don’t enjoy reading, and almost always they are won over.

In an effort to clear my TBR shelves (yes, plural) I am continuing to read The Mercy of the Tides by Keith Rosson. It has been a long time since I have read a police procedural, and so far this one is an enjoyable read.

In order to support my church library, two weeks ago I checked out God Was Here and I Was Out to Lunch by James W. Moore. I am still reading, keeping this book in my guest bedroom for when I am wakeful, and My Better Half is blissfully snoring away.

To supplement my Advanced Writing class, I bought This Is Not a Writing Manual: Notes for Young Writers in the Real World by Kerri Majors at Half Price Books, and I have read almost thirty pages at this point.

On my iPad Kindle, I have downloaded a romance, something I rarely read, but this one is set in the fifties, a time when I was struggling with the “new-to-me” concept of dating, which makes for nostalgic reading. The book is Jaqueline L. Sullivan’s Lovesick, a book another blogger reviewed and recommended.

Since July 29th, my last Sunday (Evening) Post (I can’t believe I completely skipped the month of August!), I have finished the following:

The Sparrow by Mary Dorie Russell (to be reviewed soon/ Aftermath by Suzanne Morris(Reviewed recently )/ Rise and Shine by Anna Quindlin (to be reviewed soon)/ Who Was Jackie Kennedy? by Bonnie Bader/ and the Netflix series The Outlander

I have just begun

Barbara Leaming’s Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis: The Untold Story   The two books on Jackie Kennedy are in preparation for my Third Tuesday book club at the Alvin Libary.  Each of us selected a First Lady to read about and present to the group.  It ought to be an interesting (and perhaps lengthy) meeting.


Author: Rae Longest

This year (2019) finds me with 50 years of teaching "under my belt." I have taught all levels from pre-K "(library lady" or "book lady"--volunteer) to juniors, seniors, and graduate students enrolled in my Advanced Writing class at the university where I have just completed 30 years. My first paying teaching job was junior high, and I spent 13 years with ages 12-13, the "difficult years." I had some of the "funnest" experiences with this age group. When I was no longer the "young, fun teacher," I taught in an elementary school setting before sixth graders went on to junior high, teaching language arts blocs, an assignment that was a "dream-fit" for me. After completing graduate school in my 40s, I went on to community college, then university teaching. Just as teaching is "in my blood," so is a passion for reading, writing, libraries, and everything bookish. This blog will be open to anyone who loves books, promotes literacy and wants to "come out and play."

5 thoughts on “SUNDAY (EVENING) POST”

  1. I always love the sheer range of your reading list, Rae:)). I hope you continue to enjoy your reads into September (I have a theory that the reason you missed August was because it whipped past so fast) and have a wonderful week:))

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  2. Wow. What a wide variety of books you are reading. I’ve read Americanah and The Sparrow, but everything else is new to me. I don’t think I knew that there is a third book in the Rosie series, so thanks for sharing it especially. I’m almost finished with my First Lady Florence Harding book. It will be fun to talk about these women.


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