7:00 a.m. Showered, shampooed, and ready to don my official T-shirt for this perfect Read-A-Thon weather:

A friend at Jack n’ Jill in Alvin made this T-shirt for me.

As for snacks, there’s pumpkin pie left from Thanksgiving.

First three hours:

“Devotional” from

Listened to audiobook Lord Jim

Although the narrator is very good, the subject is so dry that by the second hour, I changed to a book.

This book just gets better as it goes along.

At the end of the third hour, I took a break and read the Sunday edition of The Houston Chronicle. Reading it from cover to cover on Sunday afternoons is a personal tradition.

I fixed a huge chef salad for lunch with fresh pineapple slices for dessert.

Back to Lord Jim, and glad I didn’t eat a heavy lunch, for the story went on and on. Sure Jim had a moral dilemma on his hands, but the author agonizes over it as much as Jim does. Finally put this aside for the day.

Around 1:00 or 1:30 I read and thought about Cleo Wade’s Heart Talk, short memes, quotes, and short prose pieces about “Poetic Wisdom for a Better Life.” I found myself writing down several quotes and copying them in my quote notebook.

I decided to try the audiobooks on the Cloud Library while I began to clear away Thanksgiving decorations and replace them with Christmas ones. I didn’t get a lot accomplished, but I did enjoy the book I had selected, purely on the basis of color–pink! Pink is the next color in my Celebration of Color Challenge, so I chose:

I had discovered I really liked memoirs last spring when I required a Memoir Project of my Advanced Writing Students. I read several they had recommended as well as several reviewed by blogging friends.

After nearly an hour had passed getting into this book, I took out my Kindle and read on the third book of the series about the Dali Lama’s Cat. I made a dent in what I had left to read. I find that I can read several books simultaneously if they are as diverse as the ones I encountered today.

By then it was time to fix turkey sandwiches for supper, and I got caught up in

season 2 of Virgin River, watching one and a half episodes before I got back to reading.

I read two chapters of Cowgirl Smarts

I made an astounding discovery. The copy of the paperback I have is signed by the author to someone named Roxanne.

Next I reviewed my notes on Vesper Flights and wrote a draft of a review I will post soon on this blog

To end the Read-A-Thon, a twelve hour, not twenty-four-hour Read-A-Thon, I went back to Heart Talk to end the evening on an inspirational note.

Well, I didn’t make 24 hours, but 12 hours helped me make a dent in my TBR, logged in a black-covered book and started a pink-covered book for my Celebration of Color Challenge, and started the first book in The Classic Club challenge sponsored by Readerbuzz.

I’d call that a successful, most enjoyable day of reading.


Author: Rae Longest

This year (2019) finds me with 50 plus years of teaching "under my belt." I have taught all levels from pre-K "(library lady" or "book lady"--volunteer) to juniors, seniors, and graduate students enrolled in my Advanced Writing class at the university where I have just completed 30 years. My first paying teaching job was junior high, and I spent 13 years with ages 12-13, the "difficult years." I had some of the "funnest" experiences with this age group. When I was no longer the "young, fun teacher," I taught in an elementary school setting before sixth graders went on to junior high, teaching language arts blocs, an assignment that was a "dream-fit" for me. After completing graduate school in my 40s, I went on to community college, then university teaching. Just as teaching is "in my blood," so is a passion for reading, writing, libraries, and everything bookish. This blog will be open to anyone who loves books, promotes literacy and wants to "come out and play."

11 thoughts on “MY PERSONAL READ-A-THON”

  1. I love that you read from so many different sources throughout the day. I binge watched Virgin River 2 on Friday, loved it. Are you going to do these readathons regularly, Rae?

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