A man was being tailgated by a woman. The light turns yellow, and he slams on his brakes, resulting in her rear-ending him. She honks, yells, and males rude gestures, while keeping up a stream of bad language. A nearby police car sees the whole thing.

Getting out of the police car, the cop arrests her, takes her to the station house, searches her, fingerprints her, and puts her in a cell. Later, he returns, issues her a ticket for following too close, hands her her personal effects, and apologizes for his mistake. “When we saw your actions at the scene of the accident, and also saw the WWJD bumper sticker, the Choose Life license plate frame, the Follow Me To Sunday school window decal, and the fish symbol on the trunk…we assumed you had stolen the car! (Paraphrased from John Ortberg’s When the Game Is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box)

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. Are you just a professing Christian or a practicing one?


Author: Rae Longest

This year (2019) finds me with 50 plus years of teaching "under my belt." I have taught all levels from pre-K "(library lady" or "book lady"--volunteer) to juniors, seniors, and graduate students enrolled in my Advanced Writing class at the university where I have just completed 30 years. My first paying teaching job was junior high, and I spent 13 years with ages 12-13, the "difficult years." I had some of the "funnest" experiences with this age group. When I was no longer the "young, fun teacher," I taught in an elementary school setting before sixth graders went on to junior high, teaching language arts blocs, an assignment that was a "dream-fit" for me. After completing graduate school in my 40s, I went on to community college, then university teaching. Just as teaching is "in my blood," so is a passion for reading, writing, libraries, and everything bookish. This blog will be open to anyone who loves books, promotes literacy and wants to "come out and play."

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