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Annette Rochelle Aben

Celebrate this day

As though it has never been

For it never has

And give your joy the power

To rain down like a shower

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N.K. Jemisin is my favorite Sci-Fi/Sci-Fantasy novelist. I was introduced to her writings by a fellow blogger, S. Higsbee, of Brainfluff, in her review of Jemisin’s Broken Earth Series many years ago. Reading Jemisin’s trilogy was one of my best reading experiences ever. Starting The Great Cities Series this past year with The City We Became, was one of my greatest pleasures to date. (I reviewed this novel on PWR earlier–use the search bar.)

The Avatars of New York who finally found each other and came together in the first book, The City We Became, are ready to take on The Woman in White and her minions. They “join together with the other Great Cities of the World to take her down and protect their world from complete destruction.”

The action, the plot the twists and turns keep the reader turning the pages and staying up well past bedtime. Twists and turns occur as the solutions found become temporary and even create other situations to solve. It is a battle between good and evil which is fought out in the most creative of ways. What reader would have dreamt that spoken verse could be used as a weapon? The women characters/boroughs/avatars of New York have stronger roles than ever, and their love-hate relationships with each other are beautifully drawn.

Usually, I recommend novels as stand alone even when in a series, but on this one, it is necessary to read the first book to enjoy the second. I promise you will like it too. Both books are darned good reads.


This brand new (published 2022) novel about bookish people doing bookish things is the best novel I’ve read in a good while. It comes in third or fourth of the best book I’ve read overall in 2022.

Olivia, “Liv” Green, cleaner, aspiring writer, avid reader of Essie Starling’s books, takes a job for Essie herself, cleaning her apartment. Essie’s books feature Georgia Ray, whom Liv would love to model herself after, but she doesn’t have the guts. As Liv develops as an author, she also develops as a person, growing more like Georgia Ray with each daring move.

Caught up in an impossible plot, Liv finds herself lying to her preoccupied husband, her two grown sons, and pulls it all off nicely. Frequent references to Essie’s books about Georgia’s life occur, as do references to Liv’s reading life of real, current authors, many of whom I’ve read and admired. Before being employed full time by Essie, Liv’s cleaning clients were the employers from hell. Released from her other jobs, Liv finds herself writing with and for Essie, for who knows Georgia Ray better than her strongest fan?

Many twists and turns and close calls frame this novel into a delightful read, one that will keep you turning pages to determine how Liv will “get out of this one.” It was a darned good read.


ASK ANY CHRISTIAN, AND HE/SHE WILL TELL YOU, “JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON.” We hear this at Christmas especially, so I wish to take a moment to discuss the life of a long-time friend, a pastor, who lives as if Jesus is the reason for any season. Al Perry, whom I have known since I was a daily coffee drinker at Whataburger, along with friends who ranged from just s few years older than I to my Best Friend, Jane, who was twenty something years my senior. Al worked at Monsanto, a chemical plant near Alvin, our home town and also pastored a church in nearby Rosharon, TX. Since his retirement, he has been a member of South Park Baptist, my church, even serving as interim pastor for over a year and a half. When he asked me to “look at” his “life story” as he then called it, I jumped at the chance to earn some editing experience. His autobiography, The View from the Top of the Chicken Coop, was a delightful reading experience, which needed only minor punctuation corrections.

Written in 2022, this memoir’s title comes from the following:

“”…One of the things I vaguely remember is our uncle and aunt from Texas coming…A letter would arrive saying they were coming. When it was near the time of the visit, one of the boys would get ON TOP OF THE CHICKEN COOP to look for their car… We would wait with anxiety for the cookies and goodies they would bring…”

The book is both humorous and inspiring, and as any preacher, Brother Al managed to end with a mini-sermon:

“I think about the letter we would receive from Texas and the scout who would jump on the chicken coop, and announce the dust stirring on the dirt road…[Today], I’m looking up because of a letter I’ve received about something coming down ‘the road of my life’.” (John 3:16) “While on this imaginary chicken coop, I am looking up with anticipation because of another portion of the letter (1st Thessalonians 4:16-17), ‘For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven’ … [I] look forward to the time when I will be with all of my loved ones…There is a longing in my heart to see my Savior…”

If you knew this author, personally as do I, you would soon determine he was the “real thing,” not just a professing Christian, but one who lives out his faith.

Thank you, Brother Al for allowing me to read and edit your life’s story.

get productive with me:) | blogmas day 9!⋆꙳❆

hi there! i hope you are hvaing a lovely day so far! right now i have so much to do and i cannot even think properly, and i have to schedule a post for tomorrow, so why not turn my busy evening into a blog post? right now i have a lot of things to do and we are going to be checking off our to-do lists together. i hope you enjoy this post!

first of all: scheduling events in my calendar and making a to-do list

ok, so i made this graphic for my to-do list because i am indeed extra. anyway, let’s get started with the first task on my list; i have an english assessment tomorrow and i haven’t even finished my writing 😅😆 so that’s definitely the first thing i need to do!

1 hour later…

i just finished my english writing! time to move on…

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Blogmas Day #2: Nine Christmas Gift Ideas For Teen Girls

Shining Star

Hey galaxiez! Welcome to Blogmas day #2! I’m super excited for today’s post because I will be sharing some gift ideas for teen girls (basically just stuff that I would want😂). If you haven’t started or finished your shipping yet, I hope these ideas will help. I’ve also linked all of these items in the caption so you can easily buy them if you want. XD So without further ado, let’s get into it!

(Just a reminder that Christmas is not all about gifts, and if your family does not do gifts, that’s completely fine! This post is just for the purpose of entertainment and fun.)

Idea #1: Salt lamp

Link (this one is less than $14 on Amazon!)

I received a salt lamp last year for Christmas, and it was definitely one of the best gifts I have ever gotten! It adds a nice ambiance to my room and…

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If so, may I suggest a superb sci-fi series from blogging friend S.J. Higbee? The Manitore Series is one this adult found fascinating on many levels. It can be read on many levels: as a retelling of the Cinderella story (with monster), as a psychological allegory, as an exciting adventure, or as a darned good read to tackle over Christmas vacation.


The First book introduces us to an amazing character, well-drawn, intriguing and very complex.


Unlike many second books in a series, this one is even better than the first.


Talk about excitement, this final book in the Trilogy has it all.

Available from Amazon, and perhaps on Kindle, this is the perfect gift for your perfect kid!