This thank you to Sarah of “Brainfluff” who first introduced me to “The Purple Booker” ‘s meme goes out on Tuesday, June 25th, a rainy day on the Texas Gulf Coast. At least with the thunderstorms and rain, the “feels like” temperatures are no longer 111degrees. “Feels like” temps factor in the humidity, for which we are notorious. A UK visitor to an author friend of mine stated, “Wow, I feel like I just stepped into a Turkish Steam Bath,” upon deplaning, walked across the tarmac, and upon being seated in her waiting car, he promptly fainted.

Today’s teaser is from You Can Do Anything by George Anders. The book explains the value (Yes, there is one.) of a Liberal Arts Degree in today’s techie world. He quotes C.P. Snow’s essay, “The Two Cultures” in chapter five as follows: “…Each group had a curious distorted image of the other based on dangerous misinterpretations. People who understood the Second Law of Thermodynamics had no idea what Shakespeare had to offer and vice versa.”  Anders goes on to suggest that we look for jobs based on our ability to “…present data to people who aren’t data people.” He cites the high demand for Plain English and continues, “That means explaining things simply and creating trust by making other people feel smart. ” (chapter 5)