Grab the book you’re currently reading and type in a few lines to give us the “flavor” of your book. You may need a few lines to explain the context of those lines, but no spoilers, please. Here’s my “teaser” for 4/21/2020:

After the first huge attack on London, “Beaverbrook saw grave warning in the September 7 attack. Upon his return to London, he convened an emergency meeting of his top men, his council, and ordered a tectonic change in the structure of the nation’s [England’s] aircraft industry… [he] grew concerned about how his newly built aircraft were stored before being transferred to combat squadrons.”

Prior to this time, the RAF planes had been stored in private barns, large storage buildings and anywhere they would fit. At this point in WWII Churchill and his cabinet are frantically scurrying making changes and assuming power/measures never before seen to make an effort to win the war in the air.

This is from Erik Larson’s The Splendid and the Vile, a non-fiction look at the Blitz that reads like a detailed novel. I must say I have not been bored at any point.