Back in April, I was being very self-congratulatory about reading a volume of poetry, Evidence of Flossing, as part of my celebration of National Poetry Month.  It was such a pleasurable experience that I purchased a copy of another collection of poems recommended by a blogging friend, Khyati Gautam, a young writer with great potential.  She posted an interview with poet, Rahul Nigamon her blog, “Bookish Fame.” I think the picture of the cover, a young child, hands clasped behind his back, kicking with his left foot at a puddle appealed to me as a “poetic” image. The collection’s title is Such Is Life, and indeed, the poems are such as life is made up of.

In one of the later sections, the poet explores the definition and writing of poetry as a literary form:


The fusion of words to create a statement, /Their coming together in search of a meaning,/ The interaction to prove their existence./ One of the poet’s age old inheritance.


Dwelling in the claustrophobic foundation of the identity/ Thrust upon them by the poet./ /Still striving not to lose their individuality.


The merger of the interior with the exterior,/ The conversation eavesdropped by the mind.


The iceberg of feelings/ Touched by the heat of happenings/ Melts.


Emotions find expression, Silence finds speech,/ And abstractness evolves into reality.


The stream oozes out of the pen/ And the naked white paper/ Is now clothed with someone’s scribbles.


A word here,/ A word there,/  Webbing them together/ To constitute/ What is called Poetry.


The juggling of words by the poet,/ The tuning of the orchestra/ To attain a harmony/ Music being created note by note/ And the symphony of waves all around.


The perfect fusion…/ The music,/ The romance,/  The music of romance.


The silence,/ The loneliness,/ The silence of loneliness.


The agony./ The pain,/ The agony of pain.


The death,/ The soul, /The dead soul.


And it goes on…


What is poetry?/ If not you and me?


Our tears,/ our smiles,/ Our anger,/ our guilt,/ Our accomplishments,/ our failure, Our life,/ our death,/ Spread all over a sheet of paper.


You, /Me,/ We… The fusion of words.

Other poems in the edition are equally engaging, especially the love poems and the “everyday” ones as well. I highly recommend Such Is Life as a base from which to broaden one’s appreciation and respect of poetry.