Today’s recommendation is not a book kids can read, but one which adults will love to read to their kids or grandkids.  It is 288 pages, so it should be taken on as a long-time project, but adults will be tempted to read ahead.  The Odessa Chronicles by Carolyn Shelton and Colin Chappell (a blogging friend) is a must-read for adults who remember childhood on a farm and for children who are fascinated by animals. The main characters, Oddessa, “a Barn Owl with an attitude”; Jaxton, a magical Jackalope; Dewey, a cat with”the usual cat characteristics;” and the man-servant, Joshua Pebblestone are unforgettable. The adventures that transpire are warm, funny, and provide “teachable moments” for adults and “life lessons” for children.

I enjoyed reading the book and highly recommend it. Look for a longer review on this blog soon.