An April Farewell

Farewell to April and National Poetry Month. My goals for the month were to do something related to poetry each day and to read Jen Payne’s Evidence of Flossing, an outstanding collection of poems accompanied by powerful, sometimes whimsical, always meaningful photos.

Technically, I did not completely accomplish either goal, for I did not “do something poetic” every day, nor did I finish Jen’s book.  Actually, I shall never be “finished” with that particular collection of poems. What I did do was:

  • Take free books of dinosaur poems (see post “HOORAY!!! National Poetry Month April 2019” on my blog ( ) to Mrs. V’s class at the school where I volunteer as the culmination of a lesson on dinosaurs.
  • Post a “Heads Up…” to alert readers to the beginning of National Poetry Month on PWR
  • Post on PWR important dates to observe literacy during the month (Killing Two Birds with One Stone)
  • Make my Thursday Thoughts post on PWR April 12th thoughts about poetry
  • Post on April 23rd “Continuing to Celebrate National Poetry Month”  on PWR
  • Place signs on my Little Free Library announcing April as National Poetry Month (I write “signs” because weather necessitated more than one sign, and one sign even had a rhinestone border!)
  • Friday, April 12th was my “Celebration of Literacy “event at our local library, complete with two free raffled Easter and Spring baskets; refreshments; and “stations” around the room. There were posters and sign up information for two book clubs in our town, a table on Literacy Projects where “customers” could watch one of my Advanced Writing students read to a kindergarten class via my laptop, and read about what they could do to advance literacy in our town.  We gave away about sixty books complete with tote bags to carry them in, then donated “leftovers” to the Alvin Library League to sell to supplement unbudgeted items for the library. Most importantly, I met and received contact numbers of some really nice people who expressed a love of books and reading.

I am still reading, meditating on and incorporating into my daily walk the poems in Jennifer A. Payne’s Evidence of Flossing. I leave it on the bedside table to pick up and read whenever I need soothing, comfort, or sometimes–a challenge.

I hope you enjoyed National Poetry Month, and I hope my personal celebration of it will be even more enjoyable. In the meantime, just keep reading–POETRY.