Tuesday Teaser//Attn. PWR

I first heard of the Tuesday Teaser meme from Sarah of “Brainfluff.” It is a post hosted by “The Purple Booker.”  Here is my first Tuesday Teaser from May 1, 2018:

[The idea is]”… to tempt others to read the book participants are reading.  The instructions are to randomly open a book to a page, run a finger down the page and copy a couple  of sentences from where you are reading, being careful of spoiler alerts.  The reader must also give the title and author, and sometimes I include whether the book is from the library, a book I own (and might be willing to loan out when I finish) etc.

If you write a blog, please include the address of your blog for us to find your Tuesday Teaser on.  THIS IS SOMETHING I WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU (PWR on-line member, friend, first-time commenter) PARTICIPATE IN.  Just scroll down until you see the open [reply] box or click on comments on the left-hand side, read others’ comments, and scroll down until you find an open comment/reply box that you can type in.  After you have copied your Tuesday Teaser into the box, hit post comment. And, voila! You are either there, published or awaiting me to moderate which I will do asap, so your Teaser will be published for all to see.  Perhaps someone will be tempted to read your book! Who will be first to put down her/his Tuesday Teaser?

Here is my Tuesday Teaser from The Thoughtful Dresser by Linda Grant.

“There are nostalgic items I do not want but do not want to throw away, and there are things that don’t fit, and things that don’t suit me, and things that were always a mistake, and things I meant to wear but didn’t, and the workhorses of my collection…”  Then she gives some examples of these.  Has she been peeking into my closet?  Who knew there was a book about clothes and shopping for them?  It is at the Alvin Library (after me, please, I’m only halfway through.

I have a wonderful idea PWR members! Let’s have a clothes exchange like the book exchange we do every so often when we get together. Anybody interested?”

I still think a clothing exchange would be fun in summer,2019.