Sunday (Evening) Post

When I first started Sunday (Evening) Post, I wrote, “I follow a blogger (Brainfluff) who has a post feature that is simply delightful and engaging, so I am posting my Sunday (Evening) Post here:” Basically, following Sarah’s lead, I posted WHAT I am reading/ WHAT I have finished/ and WHAT I’ve seen (TV, films, etc.) along with an update on the past week’s activities.

This past week, I have FINISHED: You Can Do Anything: The Surprise Power of the ‘Useless’ Liberal Arts Degree by George Anders (2017). This book was a life-changer for me.  Not only did it persuade me I still had relevant skills in my current employment search (having majored in Literature in grad school), but now I am converting my copious notes into a brief to be read by my students in the fall.  YES, you read that correctly! I called to see if I could get my old job, teaching Advanced Writing back, and received an email back that began with 5 yesses”!  Not only that, but I can write my own curriculum, as we are looking for a section where Art majors will be successful and motivated to attend. (I am sure there will be more, much more on this later.)

I am CONTINUING to read Art for Dummies Hahaha–see where that came from? The only art class I took as an undergrad was Art Appreciation, part 2, which covered from the Byzantine period through the Italian Renaissance.  It was a wonderful course; and perhaps if I tell the art students (the other students will be from a variety of majors as was always the case) they need to be able to write appeals to their patrons for financial support and to owners of galleries asking for a show, the students will find the assignments relevant and helpful. I am extremely excited and very motivated myself!

Also, I CONTINUE the Alphabet Challenge, halfway through “Z”, chosen for the future exploration of “Books about Books,” The Shadow of the Wind by Zafon (remember I cheated a bit and went by author instead of title.). I am three-fourths of the way through  Unbecoming, a novel by Rebecca Scherm, then since my book club selection covered “V,” I will have only “W,” “X,” and “Y” to read by year’s end.

I decided it was time to get back to good sci-fi, so I am almost one third into The Sparrow, a fantastic book I put on my Kindle ages ago, making quite a list under “CONTINUING.” I am right in the middle of several books.

I am LOOKING FORWARD to reading What the Wind Knows by Amy Harmon, the R.A.T. Pack (Senior Citizen’s) book club selection for July and a return to my pledge to read more non-fiction with Helen Thorpe’s Just Like Us, a journalist’s account of “four Mexican girls coming of age in America.” I enjoyed Thorpe’s Newcomers at the beginning of the year, and am glad to be returning to an author I respect and admire very much.

This is too long a post already, so I will save what I have “viewed” for another time. Right now I have to find my reading glasses and get busy!