Just as Saturday mornings’ TV programming was aimed at kids, full of cartoons and entertainment, Saturday mornings on PWR is aimed at kids of all ages, making recommendations of good books to read. Today’s selection is How to Prevent Monster Attacks, written and illustrated by Dave Ross. My copy, which was donated to my Little Free Library and has seen better days, was published in 1984 by Minstrel Books. It is chock-full of humor and wonderful drawings.

The monster in the window seems as engrossed in the boy’s book as the boy is.

My favorite chapter is Chapter 5, “How to Defend Against Monster Attacks.” It gives illustrated advice like, “Garlic will keep vampires away…Unfortunately, it will keep most friends away too,” and “To stop Frankenstein-monster attacks, carry a needle and thread. That way you can offer to sew on any loose parts. (Then stitch his feet together.)

This is a delightful book for any youngster old enough to make fun of monsters through junior high. It is guaranteed for a laugh.

Thanks, Carla for the loan of the meme.
Thanks, Evin