Just like the Saturday mornings during the 50s and 60s, when I was a kid, when cartoons were the only programming on TV, this post is aimed at kids. I’m favoring one of my personal favorite writers and illustrators, Bill Peet.

Doofus the Dragon finds himself in a tight spot, hounded by the knights and citizens of a kingdom he has wandered into. Not knowing that he is a friendly dragon, the king has literally placed a bounty on his head, wanting to mount it on the castle wall, and the hunt is on. In his attempts to flee, Doofus meets a farmer boy and his parents who care for him in return for Doofus’s assistance on the farm. With his spectacular dragon strength, Doofus hauls rocks, harvests hay, and generally helps out.

One day the king arrives with the hundred golden quadruples, the reward offered for the dragon’s head, telling the boy and his parents to stand aside in spite of their protests that Doofus is “as tame as a kitten…”and even sleeps with the boy each night. Will the boy come up with a compromise that will save Doofus’s head? Read this Scholastic publication and find out.