Sunday (Evening) Post

Because I read several books at a time, I often finish several near the same time as well. During the past two weeks, I finished the following books:

The Devil’s Highway by Luis Urrea, a story of the US Border Patrol and its policies toward illegal immigrants–This book was one that although non-fiction, read like a novel, and I polished it off in two days.

Sophie’s World took much longer because it was full of philosophy and required thinking about while one followed the plot of an-about-to-be-fifteen year old girl.  It was educational as well as entertaining.

Before We Visit the Goddess by Chitra Divakaruni, a Houston writer I had read before took only a day and an evening, for it was so good that I stayed up late to finish it.

Gary Pegoda’s sci-fi novel,Who Is Human? also took more time because I had it on my Kindle app and was adjusting to the first novel read in that format, because it was very thought-provoking, and because I often found myself slowing down to admire the excellent writing.

For the time being, I had put aside Garth Stein’s (author of Racing in the Rain, a heartbreaking but engaging novel, told from a dog’s point of view) A Sudden Light in order to return Divakaruni’s novel to the library on time.  I hope to return to it this coming week.

I have just begun the large print version of Katarina Bivald’s The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend, also borrowed from the library, which has me laughing out loud and totally delighted by page 355 in just two days.

I did manage to work in the Sunday edition of The Houston Chronicle as my guilty pleasure for a Sunday afternoon, something I reward myself with when I’ve worked hard on various things all week.

I have had out-of-state company all week, and although we have had a lovely time and wonderful visit, I will be glad to have some peace and quiet (they have an 8 year old and a ten year old, brilliant and sweet kids, but exhausting to an old woman like me LOL) before starting teaching summer school at the local college in July. I am sure once the family is out the door I will be missing the happy laughter from the many games of Uno played on the living room floor and the delicious authentic Chinese meals the father of the family has made for us.  I feel like it has been Mother’s Day (week) instead of Father’s Day because of the royal treatment I have been receiving.

I have plans to get some reading done before I get caught up in lesson plans and grading, perhaps I’ll start right now…

Sunday (Evening) Post

My Sunday (Evening) Post, loosely based on Caffeinated Blogger’s Sunday Post, has turned into an Every-Other-Sunday (Evening) Post. For the past two times, busyness and life “got in the way,” and I missed a week; thus, it’s now been two weeks since I attempted to catch friends up with what I’ve been reading, viewing, and doing.

During the past two weeks since Easter Sunday, I have…

Finished: Big Magic, a definition and exploration of creativity, recently reviewed on this site.

Because I’ve had little time for reading as I attempted to close out the semester at the university, I’ve continued but made scant progress on Prinz’s Beyond Human Nature: How Culture and Experience Shape the Human Mind.  This is an easy book to set aside, not because it is not interesting or well written, but because it is a challenge as well as out of my usual genre, but I hope to discipline myself enough to spend some time with it in the coming week.  I am still enjoying the excellent writing of friend, Gary Pegoda’s Who Is Human, a sci fi novel and am really “into” Memories of a Geisha, which has been my “escape read” throughout a mountain of paper grading.

I started Phillip Yancey’s Vanishing Grace, recommended by my church’s librarian, and at the opposite end of the spectrum, began this month’s selection for my Third Tuesday Book Club, a YA novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian.

On TV I found time for a taped episode of “Scorpion”, always suspenseful and always entertaining and have four more episodes awaiting me.  I have watched three episodes of “Rick Steves’ Europe” , a great PBS travel show which is the perfect thirty-minute entertainment while eating a meal. Several mornings of NBC’s” Today Show,” and am up to date on “Superior Doughnuts” and “The Big Bang Theory.” I managed to reward myself for grading with two movies, Jackie and a French film, The Class when I reached certain goals in my grading progress.

I am pleased to report that the Grading Marathon is over, grades are averaged (Everyone did well.  I had an amazing group of writers this semester, one filled with serious students who took ownership of and pride in their writing and assignments. What a blessing!) and all that remains is posting the grades on line.

It will seem strange not going to class Wednesday, but I plan on an outing with a friend to  Central Market in Houston for shopping and lunch in place of class, so I am one happy camper! I hope your coming week is as promising and that you will find some time in it to read something really wonderful.