I never seem to get this done mornings! I had good intentions today and even got up at 6:00 a.m. (on a Saturday!) to get started. After taking my morning pills and waiting for them to kick in, I listened to Fifth Dimension’s (a 70s group) Up Up and Away, particularly focusing on side 2, which I don’t remember ever playing. There are some “interesting” songs, mostly about breakups and moving on, and thus, it was soon time to start working in the yard.

After a sandwich around 11:00, My Better Half drove me to Esther’s Field, “out on the highway” to buy handmade soaps, preserves, and I lucked into a 50% off basket where I found some nice Nothingsday gifts.

Here it is almost four, and I am just getting to my blog. Ever have this happen to you?

Thanks to Carla of Carla Loves to Read for the image.

Today’s recommendation is by one of my favorite children’s authors, Beverly Cleary, but for once, the protagonist is a boy.

An excellent idea for a letter-writing project

Leigh Botts’s teacher has read Boyd Henshaw’s book to her students in second grade. Leigh loved the book. Now in sixth grade, he is assigned a letter-writing project, and he addresses his complaints about being the “new kid,” whose father, a cross-country trucker is never at home, to the author.

Surprisingly enough, Henshaw answers Leigh’s letter, and his correspondence with Leigh over time gives Leigh some unexpected answers and changes Leigh’s life forever.

This is a fine read for both boys and girls, but it is especially meaningful for boys who feel neglected by their work-absent fathers and who are a bit on the “sensitive side.” The story itself is humorous and warm at times, as well as well-crafted with complex characters, whom kids come to really care about.

Were I rating this book, I would give it a full five stars out of five.

Writing can bring unexpected results. Writing letters or having pen pals can encourage lifelong friendships.

This was too cute not to share.


Saturday mornings are dedicated to kids. What they’re reading and what they like.

Today’s recommendation of one of my favorites, the “Horrible Harry” Series.

Some kind person left these in my Little Free Library.

Harry is the typical second (and third) grader, not HORRIBLE; however, the situations he manages to get himself into are indeed just that–HORRIBLE. This is a laugh-out-loud series of chapter books that boys, especially, will adore.