This book targets teens, especially girls, who appreciate the women who came before them.

Yes, it’s been one of those days; I am way behind in paper grading, housework, and thank you notes. Writing this review of a book intended for older children and teens, is a bright spot in a long, tiring day.

I love the title as much as I love stories of gutsy women!

This book was sent to me by the author upon the recommendation of another local blogging friend. I am grateful to the author and my friend both for putting such a lovely book in my hands. In the book, the author presents short “pieces” on brave, ground-breaking women each day. If you enjoy “_____-a-day” calendars, journals, etc, this book is for you. On Mondays we meet activist and rebelling women who were brave enough to “step up to the plate” and change things. Tuesdays are reserved for mini-biographies of educators and “thinkers,” who just happened to be women. Scientists’ and Inventors’ accomplishments grace Wednesdays’ offerings, and Thursday is filled with the treasures of authors and poets. Leaders are featured on Fridays, and Roenfanz brings to our attention some of the lesser known and fascinating ones. Artists and Musicians take a bow on Saturdays, and ancient and revered “Goddesses” make an appearance to round out the week on Sundays.

Some of my favorite heroes– Anne Morrow Lindbergh, whose book captured my fancy and interest; Christina Rossetti, one of my favorite poets; Dorothy Parker, the humorist and scathing essayist who was the queen of journalism and sarcastic poetry in the 40s –are a few who caught my eye immediately as I skimmed the tile of contents, and the author did not fail to capture the “essence” and accomplishments of the women the author had chosen to include in her book.

It seems to me Roenfanz is a gutsy woman herself for attempting such a huge task and she should be applauded for the lovely compendium of women’s lives in a lovely, lovely book. I highly recommend it!