shopping I’ve read several non-fiction books this summer, and my favorite so far is Erik Larson’s The Splendid and the Vile. As a fan of novels set in WWII, and a baby born during that war, I’ve always had a fascination with Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt and especially their relationship as heads of nations so dependent on each other. This book was written just for me.

I’ve read other Larson books, Issac’s Storm, The Devil in White City and Dead Wake, but this one not only reads like a novel (as do all Larson’s books), it characterizes the major figures of the war as well as any novelist does. We see the first impressions, the interplay of personality, and the desire to present one’s country in the best light in both Churchill and Roosevelt. Splendid/Vile focuses on the period of the blitz and the stamina and character of the English people. It focuses on Roosevelt’s desire to keep America out of the war but to retain Britain as a “sister nation.” Through this focus it tells an amazing story of politics, war strategy, and change as the war progresses. Sources used (diaries, documents, and once secret intelligence reports, some released fairly recently) and research done are a testament to the author’s desire for detail and correctness.  It is an amazing read, and also amazing is the way Larson is able to pull everything together to offer the reader a “darned good read”[ing] experience.


Tuesday Teaser, which I first  found on Sarah’s “Brainfluff” is a meme that asks the blogger to copy a few sentences at random from his/her current read in order to tease readers into reading the same book. Read mine and let me know if you think you might read it, then place your own tease (or your blogging address where you have posted yours) in the reply box below.

Today’s Tease is from Erik Larson’s bestseller, The Splendid and the Vile. Larson writes history/non-fiction that read like a novel. Splendid & Vile is about “Churchill, Family, and Defiance During the Blitz” (WWII) I am ready to start chapter three which begins:

“America loomed large in Churchill’s thinking about the war and its ultimate outcome. Hitler seemed poised to overwhelm Europe. Germany’s Air Force, the Luftwaffe, was far larger and more powerful than Britain’s Royal Air Force, the RAF, and its submarines and surface raiders were by now severely impeding the flow of food, arms, and raw materials that were so vital to the island nation.”

Isn’t his writing style simply lovely? Just see how his sentences flow and keep his readers turning pages. I am enjoying this one!




Several bloggers participate in First Line Fridays. The goal is to copy the first line (or couple of lines) from your current read and see if anyone has read/would like to read the same book. More than once I have found a Book Buddy to read and discuss a book with me.

Here is my First Line for March 13, 2020 from Erik Larson’s The Splendid and the Vile:

” No one had any doubt that the bombers would come.”

This is my latest library borrow. It has 101 chapters and 585 pages if you count notes, bibliography and index. Do I think I can finish it in two weeks? Who knows? LOL