I have just embarked on my first real book challenge, one set by someone else other than myself.  It started much earlier, and as usual, I am late to the starting gate, which will make it even more challenging.  The target date to have it done by is Dec. 31, 2017, and it is a “Color Coded Challenge.” One can either choose a book whose cover is the color mentioned, or one whose title mentions the prescribed color. Here are the books required: blue/red/yellow/green/brown/black/white/one other color not mentioned, a book that “implies” color (like a rainbow etc.) and in order to even it out to ten books (by Dec.31st, remember), I am adding a book by an author of color. Do you think I can do it by Dec. 31st?  I have just finished since the last Every-Other-Sunday (Evening) Post, Wizard and Glass,by Stephen King, which had a pink cover, so I am counting it as “one other color not mentioned.” Also, I have just begun Barkskins by Annie Proulx which has a brown cover, but that is a very ambitious undertaking because the book has 713 pages. Oh well, Dewey’s Twenty-Four Marathon is coming up this month, so that should help. I plan to look  at my TBR shelf soon and choose my colors or titles according to this challenge.  It ought to be fun! If you want to join me, leave a comment in the section below and join in.