First Line Fridays, which I like to refer to as Friday Firstliners, was started by The Purple Booker. The idea is to copy the first line or so of a book you want to read, are reading, or have read recently in hopes those who read your post will add that book to their TBR list.

Here is the quote and the first line from the first thing I read this morning, a devotional book, Simple Abundance:

This is a book of musings and ponderable thoughts divided up into daily doses. It has often “spoken” exactly what I needed to hear that day.

Good movies make you care, make you believe in possibilities again. ” PAULINE KAEL

“Instead of meditating today, let’s just watch a movie. Sneak away in the middle of the day, hunker down in the dark with a box or bowl of popcorn to ponder the meaning of life.”

The author goes on to offer practical suggestions for actions one might take today that would direct our thinking towards the more serious parts of life, yet would refresh and replenish our spirit within. This is a very helpful book. It’s time now to get my second cup of coffee.

Thank you, Evin for the sign off.