FOR EVERYTHING A SEASON by Phillip Gulley: A Review

This book, subtitled “Simple Musings on Living Well” was published in 1999, a year after my father died.

This book was presented to our church library in memory of my dad, six months after he died by the Sunday school class I was teaching at the time. It was the age group, “Seventy to Heaven”. I was not old enough to be in the class, but took it on and with the help of My Better Half, continued teaching it for a total of 30 years. It was a very good “season” of my life. And, this is how I would describe this book of simple, but profound essays, a journey through the various seasons of our life. The author has been dubbed “a master storyteller,” and that he is. His stories are about his friends, family, and the inhabitants of his hometown, Danville, Indiana, population 4,800. Indeed his musings/stories are small town homilies.

Overall, it is a pleasant, enjoyable reading experience. Read this book if you think you would enjoy good Cristian insights from a Quaker pastor.