Books from the Backlog is a fun way to feature some of neglected books sitting on your bookshelf unread. It also is a second look at a book you read some time ago, which is the case in today’s selection.
Blogging friend, Sarah Jane Higbee has written a delightful book about one of her favorite topics–dragons.

This week’s neglected book is Picky Eaters 1, which deserves a second read from me. I added this book to my Kindle because it was by a blogging friend, and I was curious about her humorous writing. I had read the entire Sunblind series and enjoyed it, but I knew one of Sarah’s first loves was dragons, and this was a good opportunity to see what she could do.

I definitely would recommend this book to others, both as an adult humorous book and as a read-aloud for kids and parents or grandparents.


PICKY EATERS by S. J. Higbee: A Review

One doesn’t think of a dragon as a picky eater, but one doesn’t think of a dragon as a grandpa either, does one? This delightful story by blogging friend and Starblind series author, S.J. Higbee is so much fun to read. She had me at the beginning lines when the grand-dragon, Castellan thought his grandkids/dragonets were up to something and “tip taloned across” the cavern where he was babysitting them. Sammy Jo, the dragonet queenling reminded Castellan of his departed wife, she was so much like her grandmother, and she had inherited the skill/gift of time travel as had he. Her father, Rondell, in Castellan’s opinion, “the waste of skin and scales who ended up with [his] daughter,” Emmy Lou provides much humor as the beleaguered son-in-law in the story.

Such detail is given to the dragons’ lair (for example, as Higbee describes Emmy Lou’s “sleeping mound” of golden coins as “chinking as she settled down” for a nap after an energy expending adventure of traveling in time), and the characterization of each of the dragon characters is exquisite. I know from comments and conversations on her blog Brainfluff that dragons are one of her favorites, and she certainly does them justice in this story.

This is a rollicking read for all ages and members of the family. I highly recommend it. It is available in paperback from Amazon and may be available on Kindle as well. Proceeds from the sales go to National Health Charities. UK


Just like the Saturday mornings during the 50s and 60s, when I was a kid, when cartoons were the only programming on TV, this post is aimed at kids. I’m favoring one of my personal favorite writers and illustrators, Bill Peet.

Doofus the Dragon finds himself in a tight spot, hounded by the knights and citizens of a kingdom he has wandered into. Not knowing that he is a friendly dragon, the king has literally placed a bounty on his head, wanting to mount it on the castle wall, and the hunt is on. In his attempts to flee, Doofus meets a farmer boy and his parents who care for him in return for Doofus’s assistance on the farm. With his spectacular dragon strength, Doofus hauls rocks, harvests hay, and generally helps out.

One day the king arrives with the hundred golden quadruples, the reward offered for the dragon’s head, telling the boy and his parents to stand aside in spite of their protests that Doofus is “as tame as a kitten…”and even sleeps with the boy each night. Will the boy come up with a compromise that will save Doofus’s head? Read this Scholastic publication and find out.