As soon as I finished the first book in the “Sunblind Series,” Running Out Of Space, by S.H. Higbee (of Brainfluff blog), I ordered the sequel, Dying for Space. I was so enamored of the main character, “Lizzie”, now matured through loss, revelation and responsibility into “Liz”, illegitimate  daughter of the overbearing General Norman that I couldn’t wait for more of her adventures and misadventures .

Dealing with lingering loss, duplicity, and betrayal, Liz gains a following and popularity that her love/hate-relationship father covets. Many twists and turns fascinate the reader who reads way beyond bedtime. As in the first book, lots of action and crisis moments occur. The book is a fast-paced, attention-keeping read that can be summed up as a “darned good read.” I believe the series is intended to be a trilogy, and am eagerly awaiting the third book centered on a character I have grown to admire and want to read more about.



RUNNING OUT OF SPACE, First book in “SUNBLINDED series”:A Review

This 2017 sci fi publication by author and popular blogger, S.J. Higbee (“Brainfluff”) begins on board the starship “Hawking”. No braver more enterprising protagonist exists than Elizabeth (aka Lizzy), whose domineering father known as “The Cap,” rules with an iron fist–both his ship of command and his daughter’s life.

On a forbidden foray into the strange underworld which opens the novel, Lizzy encounters Wynn (aka “Blondie” to the sneering gang members who pursue Lizzy and her friends).  This blonde-haired, blue-eyed heartthrob is more than “just a pretty face.” He is a worthy, intelligent “opponent” to Lizzy’s dismissive first impression, only to have Wynn save her, then have to turn around and save Wynn in the fight that ensues. The young people end up recuperating  on the neighboring starship, “Star,” where its leader, General Norman takes an unusual, unwelcome interest in Lizzy herself, and who also seems to have a strong interest in keeping Lizzy and Wynn apart.

With many twists and turns, the plot unrolls, providing a fast paced adventure covering many planets, wars, and battles. The book contains much action, never drags, and the reader is never bored.  Just when things begin to slow down a bit–heads up!–something new happens. The characters are well-drawn, presented as young lovers the reader comes to care about, and they conduct themselves with wit and cleverness when called upon by the unexpected twists of the plot.

This book, Running Out of Space, was so good, I immediately ordered Book Two in the series, Dying for Space. Higbee, the author, will not let you down.