2022 CHALLENGES: A look back

I did not take on too many challenges back in January for this year, and that strategy has paid off. Here is an update on what I have accomplished and what is left to do by December 31st.

Challenge #1 “What’s in a Name” was the shortest, requiring only 6 books, and it was finished in August ’22.

Challenge #2 is not going very well. I had decided to read a classic every other month starting in January until December.

So far, I have read Brideshead Revisited, I Capture the Castle, The Wind in the Willows, and am currently reading Leafy Rivers to count for the months of July and August, so I am two books behind. However I am sure I can read two more classics before December 31st.

Challenge #3 Twenty-two Novels in 2022

I finished this one early and am now at 31 novels for this year.

Challenge #4 Twenty-two Nonfction Books in 2022

I also finished this challenge at the beginning of fall. I am currently at 27 non-fiction books for the year, which is surely a record for me.


I decided not to do Non-Fiction in November, as I did last year and am thinking of doing Novellas in November. However, before I take on another challenge, I have to decide what defines a novella and how many would I plan to read?

If you have suggestions, please leave them in the comments box.