Instead of writing the first line from a book I’m about to start, I’m giving the first line of a book I finished Thursday evening. Mitch Landrieu’s In the Shadow of the Statues is an eye-opening read that gives the “inside skinny” on New Orleans, including what really happened during Hurricane Katrina and the controversy involved when the Mayor (Landrieu) gave the order to “take the [Confederate] statues down”! Here are the first lines of his book:

“Here I was, mayor of a major American city in the midst of a building boom like no other, filled with million dollar construction jobs, and I couldn’t find anyone in town who would rent me a crane. Are you kidding me?!”

Landrieu faced some strange circumstances as he tried to make New Orleans the city it should be post-Katrina instead of the city it used to be. His story of why he made those decisions is the story of a man with ethics, integrity, and perseverance.