Like Saturday mornings in the 50s and 60s when 6:30-10:00 a.m. TV programming was reserved for kids, this blog reserves Saturday mornings for kids and for those young-at-heart enough to enjoy kids and tweens’ books.

Today’s offering is one that was donated to my LFL (Little Free Library) in my yard.

Business is booming during the pandemic.

It is a delightful read which I enjoyed as an adult and will appeal to kids, especially girls who are advanced readers and enjoy such classics as Jane Eyre.

This 1980 book gives a peek into the complicated life of Franny Dillman who feels she lives a dull life and decides to add a little excitement. Her excitement comes from reading and rereading Jane Eyre. She decides to keep a journal, and in it, she records her imaginary thoughts about her older sister, Grace and her brother, Wilson. When she shares this journal with her teacher at school, rumors fly and Franny’s whole family becomes involved in miscommunications and misunderstandings within the family and within the community.

Described on the cover as a “funny, telling spoof” about Franny’s secret life and her coming of age, this one is a “must read.”