I so enjoyed my “Color Coded Book Challenge” I took on last Labor Day (2017) that I earnestly searched for a new book challenge and discovered one I NEED to participate in. The idea is rather than buy or check out books for a Readathon or challenge, to instead, read the books you already own but haven’t read.  What a novel idea! (pun intended).

I have a couple of shelves in the study closet in my house that is filled with TBR books, so that will be my source.  I am setting my own goals here, keeping in mind that January 17th I will be teaching again, so my reading for fun time will be limited. I am arbitrarily going to set my own “rules” for the challenge.

First, the challenge shall last from today through February 28th. I will attempt to read  six books from my shelves.(That’s not even a book a week.) Hopefully, I can stop requesting books from the library inter-branch loans etc. for a while, and not purchase any books I see reviewed in the newspaper or the New Yorker etc., which would only nullify my efforts.

Who wants to join me? Leave your response in the comments section. I will report in irregularly and spasmodically on my progress and would like you to do the same.