My blogging friend, James Cudney at This is My Truth Now has started a tag/game where he has posed several questions about one’s reading, looking back over what one has read since January of this year. I am responding to some/most of the prompts he has given.

  1. The best book you have read so far in 2017–That would have to be The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.  It not only made me think; it changed my thinking.
  2. Your favorite sequel this year–Many Waters by Madeline L’Engle a YA novel by children’s author I discovered while teaching sixth graders.
  3. A new release that you haven’t read but really want to–Just about every book reviewed in the Sunday editions of The Houston Chronicle.
  4. Your Biggest Disappointment– The Education of Dixie Dupree.  I’m not sure if I can come up with a reason why.
  5. The Biggest Surprise of the Year–Before We Visit the Goddess by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.  I found I put everything aside and finished it in two days.  It was that good of a “read.”
  6. I’m going to skip on the questions What is your new fictional crush? (I’m too old to have crushes.) and Who is your new favorite character? (I have met many outstanding characters this year!)
  7. A book that made you cry–Who Said I Was Up for Adoption by Colin Chappell–When I thought Ray (the dog) wasn’t going to make it, I thought, Oh no, another sad-ending dog story.  Thank goodness the book has a happy ending!                                                                      Thank goodness I’ve answered the questions “to the best of my ability,” especially since these are off the top of my head without consulting my reading log which is in the other room and I am too lazy to get up and get. Now–Tag, you’re it!