Thanks to Deb Nance of Readerbuzz for the loan of this fine birthday meme.

Here are the questions from Classic Club’s questionnaire:

  1. When did you join The Classics Club? late 2019 after seeing the club on Readerbuzz.
  2. What is the best classic book you’ve read so far? I liked most of them, so it’s hard to pick the BEST, but maybe Brideshead Revisited.
  3. What is the first classic book you read? Lord Jim
  4. What classic book inspired you most? The Secret Garden
  5. What was your most challenging classic? Don Quixote, I’d been trying to read it since high school
  6. What was your favorite movie adaption? I Capture the Castle, but Bridesead Revisited was well done too
  7. Which classic character reminds you of yourself? The ditsy mother in I Capture the Castle…I like to think I’m creative and a free spirit, but sometimes it’s just being scatterbrained
  8. Has there been a title you expected to dislike but ended up liking? Don Quixote
  9. What is one classic you definitely will make happen next year? I don’t know. Recently there have been enough classics “required” as book club selections or challenge books, but I may have to go back to drawing from a jar or using a spinner.
  10. What are some of the fond memories you’ve had of the classics club? Mainly it gave me a good feeling of completing a list given me during my junior year in high school titled, “Outstanding Fiction for College Bound Students, “but then it’s always fun to compare notes on Classics Club with close friend Deb Nance.

I hope you enjoyed reading the answers to these questions as much as I enjoyed answering them. Even if you do not “belong to the club,” you can reply to the reading the classic questions on your blog or in the reply box below.





Last week, specifically September 16th and 17th, was a spectacular birthday week for children’s authors. The following “classic” children’s authors were born on those two days:

H.A. Rey, author of The Curious George series

Bjorn Berg, author of The Mrs. Pepperpot and The Emil series

Paul Gobel, children’s author specializing in Native American children’s books

Gail Carson Levine, author of The Ella Series and fantasy YA novels

September is a good month for reading for and to children, and these authors deserve to be celebrated for the laughter and joy they have brought to children the world over.