Finally! Fall is here!

Today is the first day of Fall, and here on the Texas Gulf Coast, it is a bit cooler. When I went out to get the paper around 6:30 a.m. it was in the sixties, and it is only supposed to get up into the eighties at the hottest part of the day. We don’t see the colored leaves we grew up with in Virginia, but the trees do turn some a little later in the season.

I wish we had this kind of large, colorful leaves to decorate with.

Last night we had a Zoom book club meeting.

Last night we met via Zoom because there is still a surge of Covid going on, and one of our members was just getting over it, despite having had both shots of the vaccine.

We discussed this month’s selection

We all agreed this was a book everyone would benefit from reading.

We agreed the author had done her research, and George Washington, as a slave owner, was ruthless in the way he pursued his runaway slave. Some interesting opinions and observations came out (such as the financial liability Washington would incur should he not pursue Ona Judge; how he became a slave owner, not by choice, but rather took on Martha Custis’ slaves when he married the wealthy widow; and how he sent the house slaves he owned back to the plantation when they’d lived in the capitol(s) for six months because otherwise, they’d become free people.)

We digressed into those of us raised in the South sharing memories of segregation into the sixties and even the seventies (There are ways to “get around” anything including federal mandates to integrate). The two members who were from New York were shocked and appalled, not having experienced anything similar when they were in school in the fifties and sixties. One of them said the whole revelation from us Southerners was “mind blowing.”

Today, I plan to work in my yard, mainly on my flowerbeds. I have already been weeding and moving plants around while it is cool, and I have just sent My Better Half to get more potting soil and topsoil. I have plenty of composted pine needles to use for mulch. I look forward to the next few days.