COME AND EAT, A Celebration of Love and Grace around the Everyday Table by Bri McKay: A Review

Lately, I have been interested in one of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, that of Hospitality. McKay’s both inspirational and practical cookbook/collection of essays, published in 2017, was included in a box of donated books. I am so glad I decided to “look at” this book, for I read every page, often copying recipes.

A delightful culinary book for anyone who wants to express their gifts of hospitality

The author invites us to “Come with your brokenness, your celebration, and your worries, but most of all, come and eat. In our busy, shallow world, we often seek for something deeper. The author teaches us by examples from her own life to find it at our table.

Whether our table is bountiful or has meagre offerings, we must share what we have. The book has recipes, tips, quotes, and questions to start conversations around our tables. McKay stresses fellowship– fellowship centered around food. She encourages us to make room for others at our tables and to make room at our tables for God. From shopping lists to coordinate with recipes to a 21 day plan for adventures around your family’s table, the book offers something for everyone.

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This meme, hosted by Reading is My Superpower, encourages the blogger to post the first line of a book he/she is currently reading. This first liner is from a book I finished today.

A Christian look at setting your home as a place of comfort and hospitality to your family and to others.

” The adventure started on a whim. With a suitcase in my hand, a laptop case and tote bag on my shoulder, and a luggage cart dragging behind me, I stumbled against the door of 209 and pushed it open with my shoulder.”

…And so the adventure of writing this book began for Sally and Sarah Clarkson, mother and daughter who always wanted to write a book together. Ms. Clarkson always believed home should be “a haven of rest and joy that will encourage everyone who enters it.” This 2016 publication contains anecdotes from a real family, a Christian family, the Clarksons. It contains wise advice on creating special memories for one’s children and establishing family traditions , as well as suggestions for seasonal celebrations (my favorites were for fall, possibly because it is my favorite season). Although the Clarkson family moved fairly frequently, they took their sense of “home” with them, relocating their anchor each time. I took notes, and even though my “home” consists of one person now, I plan to celebrate occasions and seasons to ensure happiness and gratitude for the blessings I have been given. The ideas in this book will help me do that.


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