SORRY I’M LATE, I DIDN’T WANT TO COME: by Jessica Pan: A Review

This 2019 story of an introvert’s year-long attempt to try to act like an extrovert led her far out of her comfort zone, and provides the reader with a “rollicking, hilarious”read. It not only should be read by all introverts, but by extroverts to get an an understanding of their fellow travelers on this planet. “What would happen if a shy, introvert lived as a gregarious extrovert for one year?” This is exactly what Pan attempts to discover.

I chose this book because I want to read more non-fiction.

Pan soon finds out there are extrovert mentors “out there” who are willing to help if only asked. With their advice and help, she tries to be a “little bit braver.”

One third of the population are introverts. If you watch festivals and concerts on line rather than go to them and participate, dread your own birthday and pray for no surprise party, don’t feel brave enough to travel alone, dread New Year’s Eve…this book is for you!

I thoroughly enjoyed the humor and wit in this book and at the same time, gained empathy for those who are not as outgoing as I am.



Tuesday Teaser, brought to you by the Purple Booker asks that you grab a book you are reading and copy a few lines in order to “tease” someone else into looking into that book for further reads. Here is my teaser for Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want to Come, a non-fiction look at an introvert exploring extrovert territory, by Jessica Pan.

Summing up the results of her one year experiment, Pan writes, “It was more than I ever could have hoped for when I started. I feel more in control of my life because I can extrovert.” She goes on to describe the many new things she can “handle” which she couldn’t before as a result of saying “yes” to things that were definitely out of her comfort zone before as a dyed-in-the-wool introvert.

This has been the best non-fiction read of 2020 for me. I highly recommend it.