The idea is to copy a sentence or two where you are reading in your current read in hopes of teasing someone else to read the same book.
I’m reading as fast as I can to finish my Third Tuesday Book Club selection by TONIGHT. We are having our first in-person meeting in a long time.

Today’s Tuesday Teaser comes from our November selection, Gracelin O’Malley, first book in a trilogy, by Ann Moore. The story takes place in the great potato famine in Ireland. Our character, Abban is taking a cart loaded with starving, dying men from Gracelin’s home on the orders of her cruel husband. .Gracelin had offered the manor’s tenants food and medical care during her husband’s absence. Now Abban must find another place of refuge for the dying men.

“The hour of midnight had come and gone, the wind had blown itself out, and the snow fell lightly again. He felt alone in the world, and was heartened to see , out in the bog, the flickering light of camp-fires shielded by the low, rough huts people had dug to make temporary shelter. So many had died, but there were others staying alive just as he was–day by day, night by night.”

I remember as a young girl my father telling me his people had come to America from Ireland during the great potato famine because there were no jobs to be had and very little food to eat. This book brings the conditions they must have lived through to life and so far is a darned good read.



This meme, originally hosted by The Purple Booker asks that readers copy a sentence or two at random from a current read that might tease readers into choosing their book for their TBR list. Here is my Tuesday Teaser (8/13/19) from Amy Harmon’s What the Wind Knows:

“The wind and the water already know…The wind you hear is the same that has always blown. The rain is the same rain that falls. Over and over, round and round, like a great circle. The wind and the waves have been present since time began.”

What better way to express how a character travels back in time by setting out in a boat, coming up upon men from another time who shoot her, and nearly drowns before she is rescued and wakes up when her grandfather is a young boy in Ireland. This is definitely a “darned good read.”