I so enjoyed my “Color Coded Book Challenge” I took on last Labor Day (2017) that I earnestly searched for a new book challenge and discovered one I NEED to participate in. The idea is rather than buy or check out books for a Readathon or challenge, to instead, read the books you already own but haven’t read.  What a novel idea! (pun intended).

I have a couple of shelves in the study closet in my house that is filled with TBR books, so that will be my source.  I am setting my own goals here, keeping in mind that January 17th I will be teaching again, so my reading for fun time will be limited. I am arbitrarily going to set my own “rules” for the challenge.

First, the challenge shall last from today through February 28th. I will attempt to read  six books from my shelves.(That’s not even a book a week.) Hopefully, I can stop requesting books from the library inter-branch loans etc. for a while, and not purchase any books I see reviewed in the newspaper or the New Yorker etc., which would only nullify my efforts.

Who wants to join me? Leave your response in the comments section. I will report in irregularly and spasmodically on my progress and would like you to do the same.



Tuesday Teaser

“Tuesday Teaser is a bookish meme, hosted by The Purple Booker” which I read every Tuesday.  Bloggers from all over (and those who read blogs) grab their books, choose two or so random sentences, and copy them down in the effort to perhaps interest someone else in the book they are reading. How about participating here? Be careful not to include spoilers, but list your Tuesday Teaser in the comments below.  Here’s mine for today:

“I touched his shoulder again, and Rowdy flinched.

Yes I touched him again.

What kind of idiot was I?

The kind that got punched hard in the face by his best friend.”

This is from The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, a YA novel I tried once upon a time, gave up on, but am trying again because it is the monthly selection of my Third Tuesday Book Club at the local library.  Once I got over the language in the first chapter, I have to admit, I’m enjoying it. (Or perhaps the language has become more common, and thus more acceptable over time.) What’s your Tuesday Teaser?