Recently a friend asked me to edit her neice’s book.  Without asking the title or any other details, I agreed; after all she is a friend, and what are friends for?  This second experience in editing turned out to be a really positive experience.

Brittany’s book, Not That Girl , turned out to be a real  page turner, a memoir that every young woman of any ethnic background needs to read and heed.  Brittany, who is now a single mom, a sometimes- reality-TV actress, holder of two “day jobs” is currently struggling to get ahead and “be somebody” in Atlanta, Georgia. This book, quite frankly was an effort to earn some money, but it turned out to have a real message and to be a whole lot more.

Brittney’s voice is a young voice, a black voice that hopefully will prevent other young women from devaluing themselves because they are in love and want to keep their man.  This is a story of perseverance, self-improvement, and courage. The book cover has a gorgeous picture of Brittany and describes the book as a “tell-all memoir” of a “small- town girl who conquered her past of abuse, heartache, and fear on her journey to stardom.”

The book is a quick, engaging read and will leave you thinking, “This girl can be a star, and so can I.”