Since last Sunday, I have been spending most of my time working on my syllabus for fall and writing assignments and handouts for class. Other than making peanut butter and jam sandwiches to put in the bag lunches to be distributed to two low-income trailer parks locally by a friend’s church, I didn’t even get out much.

However, I did a bit of reading:

What I finished:

Why They Can’t Write by John Warner/ Coffee Poems: Reflections on Life with Cofee, edited by Lorraine Healy/ Under My Hijab, a children’s book written by Hena Khan and illustrated by Aaliya Jaleel/ Butterfly Yellow, a YA novel by Thanhiha Lai/ and a play, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide /When the Rainbow is Enuf by Ntozake Shange

What I am Continuing to Read:

Americanah by Chimananda Nzozi Adichie/ The Sparrow by  Mary Doria Russell/ Aftermath by Suzanne Morris, and continuing to watch episodes of the second season of Netflix’s The Outlander

Just Begun:

Rise and Shine, a novel by Anna Quindlin.

This week ahead promises to be full with an appointment to have the car worked on early tomorrow, a foot surgeon’s appointment Tuesday and a Grand Re-Opening to celebrate the fresh paint My Better Half put on my Little Free Library (complete with free books, cookies, small prizes, and a drawing to be held for a Barnes and Noble gift card) Wednesday morning for the neighborhood.



Back to School Giveaway Is Over

At the Little Free Library in my yard, ever since last weekend I have been placing free school supplies (animal-themed folders, notebooks, mechanical pencils, pens, markers, erasers etc.) a few at a time in the LFL to entice kids to open the door and see the books inside.  Usually I have a few bright first- readers-books bought from Half Price Books or provided by the across-the-street- elementary school’s book drives; a few really good chapter books for fourth and fifth graders; some YA novels and at least a Debbie McComber or Nicholas Sparks (or good, page-turning mystery) for Moms to read in the car-riders pick up line. I have as many cars stop (We are on the main drag leading into the subdivision.) as I do curious students walking the sidewalks, probably more, for the kids are always looking down at their phones.

Even with the stormy, humid weather, the attempt was a success.  Today marked the end of the first week of school, and there are about six books of various and sundry descriptions left.  All the “prizes” have disappeared.  Even better, three cozy mysteries and a “young person’s” romance have magically appeared.  Thank you neighbors!

I plan to clean down to the bare bones inside and out (It will take clorox) and make a trip to Half Price Books with books contributed from a friend who is downsizing and just wants to get several boxes of older books “out of here.” Then we should be back in business by Monday or Tuesday.

The next big event is Halloween with Trick or Treating in the side yard where the library is located and Halloween decorations and items like fake spiders from the Dollar Store in the LFL for the taking.  I have about twenty-five Goosebumps books, Halloween mysteries, Werewolf and other Monsters books which will be free for the taking.

Last year we had a storm, including a tornado which passed over us on the way to the next town down the highway. Halloween activities around town were cancelled.  Pray for good weather.