Alda P. Dobbs, Bluebonnet finalist for 2021’s The Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna


Her second book, The Other Side of the River

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2023 AT 2:00 P.M. CST

Ms. Dobbs will introduce us to her two books which tell the exciting stories her grandmother told her mother. She has researched these stories and discovered they are true. Learn about the Mexican Revolution of 1910 and what happened to Dobbs’s grandmother as a young pre-teen and teen during this time. Both books are action-packed page turners that will have you cheering for Petra Luna/Dobbs’s grandmother.

At the end of her talk, she will sign and sell her books. Coffee, lemonade and cookies will be served.



418-JybCiwL    Carolyn Macklin has written about a problem many tweens face in Not if I Can Help It,  remarriage. However, there is a twist–Willa’s father wants to marry Ruby’s (Willa’s best friend’s) mother. Both girls are heading to middle school as sixth graders, and all their friends, teachers, and even the principal think the situation is “cool.” Willa does not agree. How to handle the girls’ mutual friends and Ruby’s excited anticipation of becoming “sisters” is a bitter pill to swallow!9781250166784

All the Ways Home by Elsie Chapman presents a boy’s story. Kaeda, a Japanese Canadian is in 8th grade, facing the strong possibility that he will have to repeat 8th grade in the fall, when his mother is unexpectedly killed in a car crash. Facing the unpleasant fact that he may have to live with his surly grandfather, Kaeda travels to Japan to plead with his much-older musician brother, Shoma. Kaeda has a summer to get his life on track in a challenge few boys his age must face.

UnknownMaggie “saves” little things, anchors to keep her Altzheimer’s-afflicted grandmother grounded. She refuses to let her mom or anyone throw her “treasures” away. This is a story of “loss” and “leavings”; it is a story of anxiety and hoarding in children, a real and challenging problem.