September 6th is “Read a Book Day” !

September 6th is National “Read a Book Day.”  I decided to read a whole book in one day, but I cheated a bit and read, Who Was Jackie Kennedy? part of the New York Times, YA Series known as the “Who Was” books. These are basically aimed at middle school students or even high schoolers who are reluctant readers. Each volume is slim, so I knew I could read it in a day.

I cheated a bit more in that this quick read was the “Wikipedia substitute” for background on my assignment for my Third Tuesday Book Club where each member chose a first lady to read a book about and present to the group. I had already read a biography on Jackie Bouvier Kennedy by a cousin, which ended on the day she married Jack Kennedy and intend to finish Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis The Untold Story by Barbara Leaming to get the complete story of her fascinating life.


This book for “kids” covers her total life as well. In a tasteful way, appropriate to young preteens and teens, issues that pop up in Leaming’s book such as Jack Kennedy’s womanizing and Jackie’s marriage to Onassis for primarily security and monetary reasons are dealt with.

Which brings me to the second reason for featuring this book on Friday, September 6th, “Read a Book Day,” I am recommending it as the post for Saturday Morning for Kids a day early.

There you have it, friends, three posts for the price of one! DO READ A BOOK (Or at least start one ) today in honor of “Read a Book Day.”