A close friend gave me a wonderful Christmas present which I began to use on this first day of 2018.  It is a journal, but not a prayer journal or a day-by-day personal diary/journal that compels one to write every day of the whole year.  If you write on January first, second, and third, then fall by the wayside on the fourth, even if you attempt to get back on the wagon on the fifth, there is the big blank page labeled/titled January 4th staring the writer in the face. This Christmas gift journal is titled “One Question a Day” and has no dates.  Instead, each page presents a question with four blank lines to answer it. Not only that, but this is a five year journal.  One answers the question in 2018, then answers the same question the next year and again and again until with a glance at one page, the writer can see his/her answer to the question for the past five years and speculate on changes or alterations in the answer as the years progress.

For example, today’s question was appropriately enough, “What would you like to accomplish this year?” In an effort to keep things simple, I decided not to require myself to write complete sentences or to try to sound profound (after all, I am the target reader). Today I only used two of the four lines.  I wrote: “Draw closer to God.  Be nicer to my husband.” Those are the two New Year’s Resolutions I want to work toward this year. I have been so blessed by both God and My Better Half that they deserve attention and focus in 2018.  It sounds so simple, but I think I am taking on a mighty big job.

What did you resolve to do this coming year? What areas could you use improvement in, and what do you intend to do about them? Comment here and let us sign on as cheerleaders to encourage you in your efforts throughout the year.

Good luck keeping up with your goals and fulfilling your resolutions.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!