Even if you don’t see this on Tues., please leave us your teaser.  Open the book you’re reading to a random page and copy a couple of lines or sentences to tempt us to read the same book.  Give the title and author, so we can add it to our TBR (To Be Read) pile, list, shelf, as the case may be.

My book came in the mail yesterday, Swans of Fifth Avenue, a novel by Melanie Benjamin, published earlier this year.  It is the story of the society matrons and Truman Capote, their darling and their nemesis. I only read to page 15 last night before getting sleepy, but here is where I left off:

“I had the most marvelous childhood!”  Truman exclaimed to Slim, to Gloria, to C.Z., at their parties , where they would surround their new discovery, these glamorous wives of glamorous men, while their husbands looked on in confusion, for they’d never seen a Truman Capote before, and hoped, at first, never to see once again. This tiny effeminate creature dressed in velvet suits, red socks, an absurdly long scarf wrapped around his throat, trailing after him like a coronation robe, who pronounced after dinner, “I’m going to sit over here with the rest of the girls and gossip!” This pixie who might suddenly leap in the air ,kicking one foot out behind him, exclaiming, “Oh what fun, fun, fun, it is to be me! I’m beside myself!”