A NEW CHALLENGE: More New York Interest


Many thanks to those of you who went along on my virtual four-day-trip to NYC (Virginia, that means you, dear.) and to Jay of This is My Truth Now, one of my favorite bloggers, who “played along” and met me at the New York Public Library one of those days. I had a glorious time taking virtual tours and looking at pictures of all New York has to offer.

The Big Apple

Specifically, I fell in love with the city and my delight with it was enhanced by reading a gift book from Deb Nance of Readerbuzz, who lives in the same town as I and started me on the path to blogging back in 2016.

This tiny book contains the “…finest portrait ever painted of the city at the height of its glory,” according to Russell Baker.
E.B. White, one of my writing gurus, whose writing manual, Elements of Style, I have used over the past 50 years as a textbook, both for myself and for my students.

This tiny volume has a big impact on understanding New Yorkers and what New York means to them. It covers the summer of 1948 and is a “perceptive, funny, nostalgic” essay that speaks “eloquently about what lasts and really matters…” The New York Times awarded it the honor of being “one of the 10 best books ever written about [NYC].” This edition was published on the 100th anniversary of E.B.White’s birth, 1999. His style is AMAZING, something I, as a writing teacher, have often attempted to emulate. The introduction by Roger Angell is, alone, worth the cost of the book for anyone interested in New York.

Reading Here is New York made me want to read more about the fabulous city, so this summer, I will take on the “New York Summer Challenge”, attempting to read four books either set in or about New York. This may turn out to be a real feat considering that I will be teaching summer school (online) and the regular fall semester begins after the middle of August. I am excited and hope you are too. Join in with me; agree to read four New York Books by August 31st.