The most interesting bloggers tag James Cudney at his blog, This Is My Truth Now, and his answers are equally as interesting and quite revealing to the point where I now feel I know him well and count him as a friend. His latest answers to a tag, Who Am I? sounded like a lot of fun, and after taking a whole bank of quizzes (links available on his site–search for the post “Tag-Who Am I? and click away.  I guarantee you will learn things about yourself you didn’t know), I will now share who I evidently am. If you would like to answer this tag, I recommend you do it from his site, or just answer a few of the questions in the comments section here.

  1. What does my name mean? My English grandmother emigrated to the US at the age of twenty, and when she came through Ellis Island as Rachel Figgenboam, the officer told her that her name was too long to fit the blank and she’d have to shorten it.  Since she thought he meant both names, she became Rae Figgins. My middle name, Evelyn was the name of both my father’s mother and his wife.  How Freudian is that? Mason is a very respectable Scottish name of the Cambell clan.  In fact, my grandfather on my father’s side was Angus Marion Mason.  Longest is a strictly English name which I married into.
  2. What is my Myers-Briggs personality type? (see link) I am a “Counsul” 88% extrovert, 12% introvert, which would not surprise any of my friends!
  3. What is my sign?  For years I have described myself as a Scorpio, which never seemed to really fit.  Today, I learned I was “born on the cusp” of the sign (My   birthday is on the 21st of November, and Sagittarius begins on the 22nd. Incidentally, I was born at 8:00 p.m. so I really was almost born on the 22nd.)
  4. What is my Hogwarts House? Hufflepuff, according to the quiz, which would label me as loyal, dependable, and hard working.
  5. What is my learning style? These quizzes were quite revealing and sometimes the opposite of what I assumed about myself. Visual 0/Aural 5/ Read-Write 8/ Kinesthetic 3.  I  also have left brained dominance, 75% left brained.
  6. What career am I meant to have? Of course, I answered, teacher.  Interestingly enough, the quiz said I would be a good judge! It said, “You were meant to bring this world a little justice.”
  7. Another personality quiz lumped me in the Candor category: honest  I think many times I carry this to a fault.
  8. What is my birth order?  Firstborn, and all the labels fit.

Have fun with this one, if you don’t have the time to take the quizzes or simply can’t find them, think about yourself and how some of these tag questions apply. Please reply either to James’ tag or in the comments box at the end of this post.