Carrie, aka Meez Carrie at Reading Is My Superpower maintains this fun meme and says, “It’s time to grab the book nearest you and leave” your Friday Firstliner in the comments..

My firstliner for Friday, June 3rd is from a small book, How to Be Calm by Anna Barnes. It is the first couple of sentences in the Introduction:

“In a busy and hectic world, we could all benefit from slowing down and creating some peace, space and calm for ourselves. Truly reaching a state of calm might seem unattainable, but with practice it is possible and the impact it can have on your life is immeasurable.”

This tiny book is crammed full of memes, “posters,” advice and calming techniques, It is going to be a great read.


CRYSTAL CLEAR, A novelette by Aiden Reid: A Review

Aiden Reid, author of Pathfinder and Sigil, both fascinating novels, has written a long short story or a short novel which is another story about the hero of Pathfinders. In the story, Stephen finds a crystal that has special powers that turn his life around and change him from a slacker/loser to a very successful person.  How this is all accomplished, where the crystal came from, and what happens to the mysterious crystal is the focus to this attention-grabbing, interest-sustaining narrative.  It is sci-fi at its best with bits of philosophy and life-lessons tossed in for good measure.  It is a quick read, but one you won’t want to miss!