THANKS to Carla at Carla Loves to Read for this image.

This is a book I am reading (haven’t finished) for today, Saturday (oops, it’s now Sunday!) October 9th.

This is a hilarious book about a kid who in 1935 goes to live at Alcatraz.

His dad is the electrician at the prison, and he and his mom live in special quarters on the island. So far, he has begun school at the tiny institution of learning for the kids of employees, and has been told Al Capone, THE Al Capone, works in the prison laundry; thus the title…

The reason I didn’t finish the book in time is a GOOD one!

******I AM GOING TO OPEN A USED BOOKSTORE****in my hometown of Alvin, Texas. It will be called “Rae’s Reads,” and if all goes well, it will be a non-profit. I don’t plan to make any money–well, maybe enough to pay taxes, insurance and utilities–but it is something I have been dreaming about and planning for over ten years. My goal is to get books out into the community and to circulate them. I plan to have a couple of huge baskets of FREE books. I have about 350 books, a card table (I am going to look at Goodwill and second-hand stores for a couple more, and a bookshelf. (I am having another built currently.)

I have found a house mid-way between the Alvin Library and my house, near the high school practice fields. CLOSING IS WEDNESDAY of next week!

KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED AND YOUR PRAYERS A’ COMING. This is literally a dream come true.