When I was in sixth grade, my teacher impressed on me that once you started reading a book, you had a “moral obligation” to finish it. One evening, after I was married, I was struggling to finish a 500 page book I was definitely not enjoying. My Better Half advised me to “Go ahead and quit!” When I told him I had to finish it, he said,” There are too many good books ‘out there’ to waste your time on one you don’t like.” Those words of wisdom led to my fifty page rule: If an author doesn’t capture my attention in the first fifty pages, I can categorize it a DNF (did not finish) and toss it aside.

This year (2020) I began the 2020 Alphabet Challenge, Author Edition

I had successfully completed (in a year) the same challenge, only the Titles Edition in 2019, that I thought this one would be a piece of cake. Sadly, I have completed “M” and am so “done.” Perhaps I shall resurrect the rest of this challenge in 2021, but for now, I am bidding it farewell. It was a lot of fun, but for now, I’ll take a break. The thing that encouraged me to take this step is that more than one of you mentioned on your blog or a reply to one of our posts that sometimes you didn’t finish a challenge, that reading the books you chose for the challenge was enough, that the challenge had “served its purpose.” Thank you, sweet blogging friends, for letting me off the hook. Knowing me, I will finish the challenge at a later date, but for now I am set free to adopt another challenge if I feel like it.

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