Here’s what I finished this past two weeks:

Reviewed earlier on this blog
To be reviewed soon
Audiobook read for Classic Club
Borrowed from the library
Read for Celebration of Color Challenge–PINK
Taking my daily devotional from this
Almost finished
Haven’t read a memoir in a while
Watched a lot

Virgin River–several episodes

Girl Boss–two episodes including the Christmas episode which was really good

The New Girl–one episode

Emily in Paris–am really enjoying this–two episodes

In the Dark–one episode

Episodes–two episodes

Finished an entire season of Dash and Lily

Began Sophia Loren in The Life Ahead

A couple of Christmas movies


I’ve had more time to read now that the semester is over, and I’m staying home because I’m scared of Covid.

My friend Susan made these two quilts, one for My Better Half, one for me.

My favorite Christmas present

A good motto to remember

Carry on, and Happy Reading!


I made it through Friday, the 13th ok. Whew! But today is the Ides of March, bad luck day (well for Julius Caesar anyway).

So far today:

Two “presumed” cases of Corona have turned up in my tiny town of Alvin, TX. It seems two individuals went to the Chili Cookoff at the Livestock Show and Rodeo in Houston (before it was abruptly closed down) at the same time a girl visiting the rodeo from NY and later tested positive for the virus did, and they MAY have touched something she touched. Who knows? Hopefully, the symptoms these two individuals (same family same house, now self -quarantined ¬†at home) will be tested soon, and it will turn out to be seasonal allergies. Pine and oak pollen are at high levels today, and we are self-quarantined already to avoid the pollen in the air. Yes, we have runny eyes, sneezing, coughing, but it happens when we go out to get the paper (which is full of awful news) or put a book or toy in my Little Free Library at the end of the driveway.A98244D5-A015-438B-BB9D-688C2EFD5E36


Here is what I’m reading today as I wait for the Support Center at my university to offer me tutorials to learn to teach on of g

In the meantime I am in touch with a few of my students through good, old-fashioned texting. I am soooo glad I gave them my phone number. And, yes, students, those three assignments due March 17th are still due then. Submit them through email. LOL

Song recommendation: Living in the Moment on iTunes.