On PWR Saturday mornings are reserved for book recommendations for kids.

Today’s title is a fun read as well as a learning experience on literal vs figurative language. The Sixteen Hand Horse, written and illustrated by actor, Fred Gwynne (of The Munsters fame) is today’s selection.

Obviously a literal translation of figurative language

The drawings as well as the phrases selected are sure to bring a chuckle to kid and reader alike. When “Daddy’s car has a crack in its block,” the illustration shows the hood of the car open to reveal a broken alphabet children’s block inside. “Daddy says he won’t play cards if the steaks are too high” reveals foot-thick slabs of meat on the card table. These and others like them are fun for parents and grandparents as well as the children in their lives. Lots of pictures; very few words–the book by Fred Gwynne reminds me of his earlier book in the same vein, The King Who Rained, a book I had for sixth graders to peruse during their free time when they’d completed assignments. Many a smile and a share resulted from having that book in my classroom. This one is headed for my Little Free Library now that I have read it. I highly recommend this book.

This cartoon reminds me of my sixth grade Language Arts students, one of my favorite teaching assignments.
Another great sign off from Evin.